Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films "Vertical"
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Eight Festival "Vertical"

Mountaineering films

Socialmente inutile2004Italy
Belukha - the peak of Tomsk2004Russia
The accent to the Amadablam2003Russia
In the shadow of Kongurtag2003Russia
Mount Poi the big thing2003Germany
Twice Upon a Time in Bolivia2004Great Britain
The summon of the abyss2001Ukraine
Go and you will see...2003Russia
Hook or book2004France
Huandoy first base2004France
The Gallotti Turns 502004Brazil
Generational - David Lama2003Germany
The conquest of K22004Italy
Russian extrem.Laos2003Russia
Russian extreme.Czechia. Decl2004Russia
Cold Haul2003Great Britain
Ciao Martina2004Poland
I Am Climbing2004Great Britain
Flying the 7 summits2005France

Mountain and wild nature

Mustang wings2004Spain
Waterfalls of Madagrabin2004Russia
Life and volcanoes2004Russia
A town the seaside2004Russia
Mont Blanc2004France
The Kraken project: in search of the giant squid2003Spain
The journey to the land of volcanoes and geysers2004Russia
Mutant bees2003France
Biodiversity in paradise2004Italy
The siega de valzanca2003Italy
Dance of the senses2003Austria
Following the Okhotskiy trade route on horses2003Russia
Man and mountains2004Ukraine


African fly by2003France
Never Ending Thermal2004Canada
High fly summit2004France
Golden Ice Axe2004Czechia
X-Tremest2004Great Britain
King size2003Russia
People of the sky2004Russia
She alone2003Russia
They are plaing over the towers2004Italy
Riding the wind in Uyuni2004France
Flying over Everest2004Italy
Russian extreme.Snowboard2001Russia
Russian extreme. wingsuit2001Russia
Red Alert2004Switzerland
Soul purpose2004Russia
Dolomite Trance2003France
One way ticket2005Russia
Sleeping giants2004USA
Underwater hunting needs teaching as well!2004Russia

Adventure films

Basya Kam2001Russia
Has Odisseus benn to the Crimea?2003Ukraine
Amazonia vertical2004Slovakia
The flyght2002Kazahstan
Alone across Australia2003Australia
Sparrow Village2003USA
Searching for adventures2003Russia
Adventure High2004Estonia
One flight story2002Russia
Kilimanjaro. The first height2004Russia
When the truth is silent2004Russia
Skiing to the south pole or the newcomers in Aantarctica2001Russia
Heavenly pasture2004Russia
The invisible way2004Italy
The unknown Everest2004Russia
Operation the polar ring2004Russia
Escape across the Himalayas2000Germany
Pororoca surfing the Amazon2003Germany
The trip2003Austria
Russian extreme. Vietnam. Alena sviridova2004Russia
The sun glint2004Russia
The dark eyes of the abyss2004Russia
Mysterious peaks of Oimyakonskie mountains2004Russia
Homo ascendens - the journey in letters. Asia.Part 22004Russia
Australia - through three great deserts2004Russia