Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films "Vertical"
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Seventh Festival "Vertical"

Mountaineering films

Annapurna, Dream and Emptyness.2002Spain
B.A.S.E. – Climbing” (“Russian Extreme Project in Greenland”) 2003Russia
Father Than The Eye Can See2003USA
Le Dolomiti di Pietro 1999Switzerland
Motion Codex – În The Rock Edge2003Ukraine
MCKinley Peak. Russian Couloir.2003Kyrgyzstan
Unknown Kongur2003Russia
Post Scriptum2002Poland
The Russian Path2003Russia
The Dream2003Czechia
Rescue and Search2003USA
No Mean Feat2002New Zeland
Trio For One2003France
Tien-Shan, First Ascent2003Russia
2160. Fisht, The Western Shoulder 2002Russia
Everest – 20032003Russia
It Is Not Easy To Tell2003Spain
Les Naufrages Du Montblanc2003France
Riders On The Storm2003France
Petzl Rock Trip2003France

Mountain and wild nature

Òhe Alps – The Eastern Range – The Alps Of Trentino1999Italy
The Alps – The Central Range – The Lombardy Chain2001Italy
Altai Path2002Russia
As White As Coal2002Iran
Big Report. The Limit Of Strength2003Russia
Breeze (Wind In The Park)2002Italy
G4: A Peak Between The Past And War2002Switzerland
Volcanic Phenomena 2003Russia
Geological Motives2002Russia
The Enigma Of The Black Caiman2003France
Monasteries Of Tibet2002Russia
Lice Planet2002France
The Fire That Speaks2003Russia
Genaldon Catastrophe2003Russia
Desire To Run2003Slovakia
Polar Festival2002Slovenia
Sahara - English Patient's Desert2002Austria
Tatras - Mystery2003Slovakia
Realm Of The Golden Eagle / Part II /Summits Of Life2000Austria
Realm Of The Golden Eagle / Part I / Legacy Of The Ice Age2000Austria
Realm Of The Golden Eagle / Part III / Return Of The Big Hunters 2000Austria
My Friends, here you are2003Russia
Nyiragongo, un volcan dans la ville2003France
Journey To The Center Of The Stone2003France


The Gates To Heaven2003Russia
Fluide Dynamics2003Great Britain
Following The Way of Rifts2003Russia
The Precious2003USA
Rockstars – One Steep Planet2003Switzerland
Following The Final Journey2003Russia
The Best Expeditions of “The Russian Extreme Project”2003Russia
Hunt For Waterfalls2003Russia
Flight With Throw Off2003Russia
Flight From The Black Pyramid2003Russia
A Place Where There Were No Skiers Before2003Russia
TV Program Everest - 20032003Russia
Parahawking 2003Great Britain
Rock'n Trial2001Slovakia
Cinema Vertical2003USA
Milo Team Europa 20032003Russia
OZON 20042004France
Other shores2003Russia
The break through in Karagem2003Russia

Adventure films

Off The Rail 2002New Zeland
Amazon: Source To Sea2002Canada
Alone But With Others2003Canada
Devoted To Those Who’s Ever Been Aground2002Russia
Greenland A Destiny Of Ice2001Italy
Yellow Poppy Of Suntar-Hayat2003Russia
Frozen Gate To The Pacific2003France
Mission Ice Floe2003France
Wind Passenger1999France
Triumpf On McKinley2003Russia
B.A.S.E. Matterhorn2003Austria
The Damien’s Voyage2003France
5 Elements2002Austria
The Real Taste Of Kiwi2003Russia
The Russian Sea2003Russia
With Cross And Belief2003Russia
Chaos OnThe Ice Field 2003Belgium
Colder That Ice2002New Zeland
“Homo ascendes” – Journey In Letters2003Russia
The Yenisey River Expedition2002Canada
Four People In The Middle Of Ice2004Russia