Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films "Vertical"
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Sixth Festival "Vertical"

Mountaineering films

They don't want to understand it2002Switzerland
X force = the science of mountaineering2001New Zeland
Alps – evolutiom and tradition2001Switzerland
Found on Everest: detectives on the roof of the world2001USA
One's summit, one’s height2002Russia
People from the underside of earth2002Russia
The Christmas syndrome2000Kyrgyzstan
Freshmen on the peak of Elbrus2002Russia
Take me to the slope2002Kazahstan
Mount in the heart of Eurasia2002Kazahstan
Himalayan passion for Mikhail Turkevich2002Russia
Unconquered peak2002Kazahstan

Mountain and wild nature

Nebelina, strange islands in the sky1998France
Alps – the weastern range - the peaks and valleys of Piedmont2001Italy
Veneto Dolomites1998Italy
Melting Alps2001Italy
Elbrus. Ascent to the purity2002Russia
A rendezvous with eternity2001Russia
Crown of the continent2001USA
Following the great silk way2002Russia
Exploision in mountains Pele2002France
The canyons of Charin2002Kazahstan
To the bottom of the heart2002Russia
Journey to the cave “Botovskaya” 2001Russia
Dolpo, children of the mountain2002France
13 views on Khan-Tengri as you approach the summit2002Kazahstan
The peak of Gumilev2002Russia
Far in the North2002Russia


Fairy-tale taiga2002Russia
9 seconds2002Italy
The minerals of sand pits2002Russia
X force = the science of mountainbiking2001New Zeland
Mountain rescuers2002New Zeland
Vertical line race or spiderman2002Russia
Dancing on the white water2001Russia
Expeditiom Siberia2001Slovakia
The autumn marathon2002Russia
Rafting. Russians are the best2002Russia
Above the Psebay on the hang-glider2002Russia
The birds of mountains2002Russia
From Central Asia with love2002France
The second step2001Australia
Underwater hunt 2002: the season of new names2002Russia
The essence of adolescence2002Canada
Russian extreme project -32003Russia

Adventure films

Everybody has his own rythme2001France
Antiutopia or car under the ice in the spring2002Russia
The ice of july2002Russia
Gauchos, gales and gaffer tape2002Great Britain
A deep ravine of extreme – dragon jaws2002Russia
Omo – a journey to primaeval age2002Slovakia
Megapolis: reality trial2002Russia
Baseclimb 2 – defying gravity2002Australia
The emeralds of celestial mountains2002Kazahstan
The voices of sunken ships. The second film2002Russia
Rafting on Mzmita2002Russia
The big white2002Norway
The risk of avalanche2001France
Wave influence2001France
Into the thunder dragon2002Canada
A short story on Canyoning2001Canada