Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films "Vertical"
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Fifth Festival "Vertical"

Mountaineering films

Soul pilot1999Switzerland
Cradle to coast 1998Australia
Tolol'em all2001Italy
Cyber race1997France
The mountains of yesterday1998Spain
Everests of Lamas2000Russia
Symbiosis on the background of mountains2000Russia
Time out – in the winter to the top2000Austria
The extremest ways to the peak of the Grossglockner 2000Austria
May pilgrimage on the river – Searchers for adventure2001Russia
I wish to stay in mountains2001Russia
Orange tree Bulnes2001Russia
In unity to summits of Ukrain2001Ukraine
Shisha Pangma 8000 metri di passione1998Italy
The dizzy height's knights1999Italy
Anna's world – Lhotse 20012001Poland
The roadmen of impossible2001Switzerland

Mountain and wild nature

Glockner – The Black Mountain2000Austria
Visions of Avstria2000Austria
Bears of Russian front2001Great Britain
It wasn’t a tale about "Kirk - Ora"2001Ukraine
To the source of Sochi – Searchers for adventure2001Russia
Edge of the ice2001Australia


First tracks1998Australia
Alain Robert is "Spiderman" 2000France
On the roof of tiger house2000Russia
Russians in Spain2001Russia
Prometey 2001 - the empire of trick2001Russia
By edge of crag reefs2001Russia
Equilibrium2000Great Britain

Adventure films

Mountain playground1998Australia
Messanger of Himalayas2000France
Making of Himalaya2000France
Beyond Everest2001Australia
The Celestial Caravan2001France
A land of lakes with steep banks2001Russia
Russian Extreme Project – film 22001Russia
The river will take it’s own2001Russia
Closer to the moon2000France
The Shark Trench1999France
Welcom to pleasant valley2000France
To live for two2001Russia
Hunt for the redwhale2001Great Britain
The winegrowers of the sky2001Switzerland
Making of "Timeless"2001Switzerland
Passion according to Jesuski2001France

Television programs and reports about all kinds of adventure, demonstrated on Russian TV

Television program "Diary of Piligrim" about Caucasus caves2000Russia
The romance of Searching - Saving Works2001Russia
"Farewell" or underground world1998Russia
"Ural-trofi". Teleprogram "Voyage from Novosibirsk"2000Russia
"A voyage to land of ancient Turks". Teleprogram "Voyage from Novosibirsk"2001Russia
"Majoy rapids". Teleprogram “Voyage from Novosibirsk"2001Russia
"The Ob – Eniseyskii Channel". Teleprogram "Voyage from Novosibirsk"2001Russia