Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films "Vertical"
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Eight Festival "Vertical"

The invisible way

Category: Adventure films
Year: 2004
Time: 52 min
Country: Italy
Camera-man: Franco Michieli, Gabriele Bigoni
Director: Franco Michieli

Subject: The subject of the film is a traverse of the northern Nordland in Norway, accomplished on foot in complete autonomy by the two friends Gabriele Bigoni and Franco Michieli, who decided to pass the route from the beginning to end without any kind of maps and orientation and telecommunication tools – not even a watch do they carry along. A rather unusual experience for today’s standards, not only considering the severe character of the labyrinth-like landscape they cross –one of Norway‘s wildest regions – but mainly owing to the style they choose to live in. Not because of ambition do they face so many hardships while searching their way, it is because of respect towards the mystery of the unknown and because they wish to rediscover a thoroughly personal and instinctive relationship with nature. The entire video has been filmed by Bigoni and Michieli during the 20 days of their wanderings, without neither slightest support nor communication with the outer world.

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The invisible way