Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films "Vertical"
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Eight Festival "Vertical"

Twice Upon a Time in Bolivia

Category: Mountaineering films
Year: 2004
Time: 50 min
Country: Great Britain
Camera-man: Alastair Lee, David Halsted
Director: Alastair Lee, David Halsted

Subject: Three no hopers from the UK's grimmest corner (Burnley) set out for Bolivia’s Cordillera Real in search of 6000m glory. This hysterical journey begins with acclimatisation problems where one member of the team (Gaz Howell) turns into a Scouse Wookie whilst the others opt for the more tradition AMS. Stunning mountain routes (Pequena Alpamayo) take a side line to the hilarious English Northern dead pan humour which our team of lunatics use to overcome illness, frostbite and endless hours at base-camp. A ground breaking production on many fronts – being the first mountain film to be fully sub-titled “and” include science-fiction. Featuring run-away graphics and more Computer Generated Imagery than you can shake your wireless connection-free mouse at.

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Twice Upon a Time in Bolivia