Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films "Vertical"
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Seventh Festival "Vertical"

Realm Of The Golden Eagle / Part II /Summits Of Life

Category: Mountain and wild nature
Year: 2000
Time: 50 min
Country: Austria
Camera-man: Rolando Menardi, Michael Schlamberger
Director: Michael Schlamberger

Subject: When winter bears down on the Alps, the mountains show their grimmest face. Extreme masses of snow, furious storms and low temperatures bring distress to the golden eagle’s realm and, last but not least, to the majestic raptor itself. The classic winter drama played out among the Alps’ wild inhabitants has been captured in many gripping scenes – from an avalanche breaking and devouring a herd of chamois to the long slow-motion drop of one of the animals, from the hick-hack between ravens and eagle about one of winter’s victims to the survival strategy of crossbills breeding in the middle of winter to profit from an abundance of spruce seeds. Marmots have found the most comfortable way to pass the frosty season – they hibernate in their underground dens for half the year. Here they also mate and give birth to their young – scenes that have never been documented on film before.

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Realm Of The Golden Eagle / Part II /Summits Of Life