Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films "Vertical"
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Seventh Festival "Vertical"

B.A.S.E. Matterhorn

Category: Adventure films
Year: 2003
Time: 22 min
Country: Austria
Camera-man: Mario Kreuzer, Robert Schabus
Director: Mario Kreuzer

Subject: The Matterhorn probably one of the best-known and most-photogrephed natural sites on earth, a mighty symbol of alpinism, a challenge to mountain climbrs of all nationalities who are aiming to rich its top. Ueli Gegenschatz and Hannes Arch, both professional B.A.S.E jumpers, now seek the downward route in free fall. The so called exit, the point of which they are planning to jump, is at 4200 meters altitude. The wind and the thin air present the biggest danger: even a light breeze could smash the athletes against the rocky cliffs, the thin air prevents air cushions from building under the athletes wich usually make them float more safely. Two seconds is all the jumpers have to position themselves correctly in the air and open the parachute.

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B.A.S.E. Matterhorn