Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films "Vertical"
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Sixth Festival "Vertical"

Gauchos, gales and gaffer tape

Category: Adventure films
Year: 2002
Time: 43 min
Country: Great Britain
Director: David Jinks

Subject: During 2002 International Year of the Mountains two teams of UK climbers travelled to both South and North America in a quest for mountain adventure. Hauling sleds they attempt to traverse the South Patagonian Ice Cap of Argentina/Chile. Experiencing ferocious weather conditions they are forced to reassess their goals. In the same period, but in Colorado a different set of objectives and circumstances illustrate the contrasting environments that exist in adjoining continents, in mountain ranges separated by thousands of miles and many cultures. This documentary captures their ventures, struggle, disappointment and ultimate success.

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Gauchos, gales and gaffer tape