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1.    The Twelfth Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films Vertical will take place in Moscow, Russia, in spring 2009. The aim of the Festival is to present international production of mountaineering and adventure films and to encourage development in this branch of film making.

2.    The Festival Board invites the creators of documentary and feature films of any duration, depicting all extreme kinds of mountain sports, films depicting the beauty of mountain and wild fauna and flora and also films relating to any kind of adventure. Festival is opened to all filmmakers: professional, free-lance or amateurs who may present films created from 2004 to 2008. Each competitor may enter not more than three films. These films may be presented at other festivals too. But films, which have already participated in Moscow International Festival Vertical cant participate in it again.

 3. The pre-selection committee appointed by the Festival Board will select entries for the competition and classify them according to the categories. The categories are:

I.   Mountaineering films (all kinds of mountaineering sport);

II. Sport-extreme (extreme projects relating to all mountain and adventure kinds of sport);   

III. Adventure films (all kinds of traveling and adventure, round the world sailing races, ballooning, underwater exploration and generally speaking, any subject embodying the spirit of adventure);

       IV. Mountain and wild nature (mountain and wild fauna and flora, music films);

V. Fictions and animation films

4.  Films admitted to the competition are judged by the International Jury appointed by the Festival Board. The Jurys decision is final. The Jury members are not allowed to enter their own productions into the competition.

5.  The following prizes may be awarded by the Jury:

. The Grand Prix of the Festival;

b. Prizes for the best film in each category;

c. Special prizes;

d. Prizes, donated by public institutions, sports and other organizations.

e. Each film, admitted to the competition will be given a certificate of Festival. 

     Each production may be awarded more than one prize.

6. Films must be submitted in videotapes (Pal) DVCAM, mini DV, mini DVC, DVD-video. We will be thankful for videotapes DVD-video presented for the pre-selection. DVD-video will stay in the Festivals archive.

7. a. Tapes must arrive at the Festival before November 30 of 2008, in good technical condition.

             b. Each film must be submitted on a separate tape.

             c. The Organizers of the Festival are not responsible for the work of the Post. Participants send their tapes only at their own risk.

d. Each production must be accompanied by English dialogue-list (all the texts spoken and written on the screen), typed summary of the subject matter (5-6 sentences), three photographs illustrating the film and the entry-form, which must be typed in the official entry form.

Please mention that your entry-form must be CLEARLY fulfilled (typing is mandatory).

Please, also pay attention to the dialog list you send: in the file must present English dialog list with ALL the dialogs spoken in the film and ALL the text written on the screen.


The entry package should be labeled Only for cultural purpose, no commercial value. You should also write on the parcel our tel. numbers (495) 173-34-06. And please, do not value your parcel more than 1$ as it makes difficulties with receiving this parcel on the customs. 

8. Films will be demonstrated in the original with translation into Russian. Participation in Festivals competition doesnt assume default screening of the film during Festival show days.

9. a. The producer (or owner of copyrights) is asked in the entry form if the Festival Board is          allowed to use the entered films, whole or parts of them, on the Russian television free of charge for the purposes of Festivals promotion and in the tour The Best Films of Festival

Vertical  Echo of Vertical.

    b. The producer is asked in the entry form if the Festival Board is allowed to make a copy of the entered film for the Festival archive. The archive is to be used only for non-profit making Festival purposes.

10.  Two representatives of each film are given tickets for all Festival events during all Festival days. Festival is not a commercial organization and it doesnt cover any expenses of participants.

11. a. Transport and insurance costs of the production from the country of its origin to Moscow are defrayed by the participant.

      b. After the end of the Festival all the films on DVCAM, mini DV, mini DVC will be immediately sent back to the address stated in the entry forms at the expense of the Festival.

     c. Festival Bard is not responsible for the proper work of the post: any damages or losses are out of Festival Boards response.

12. Any complaints or disputes that may arise will be resolved by the Festival Board and its decision is final.

13. The Festival Board can help the producers to make agreements with the Russian TV for presenting their films.

14. The entry of productions denotes full acceptance of all the articles of these regulations.


Fulfilled entry-form, DVD-video, 3 photos illustrating the film and English dialog-list of the film. All must arrive at the office of the Festival not later than the 30th of November 2008.

Our mailing address is:


You will find at http://www.8848.ru

You can contact us by e-mail: alpfest@mail.ru

    Festival Board