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Program of XII Festival "Vertical"

Program of XII Festival “Vertical”


Attention! In the program may be changed


MAY, 22 – Friday. Day of mountaineering.



17.00 – 18.00

Film festival opening. Demonstration of films about mountaintaineering:

«Lightning strike – Arva  Tower» (Switzerland, 50) Mountains of Garvhal


18.00 – 19.00

Ceremony of rewarding for the best achievement in mountaineering for 2008

Nominees of the national award «Gold Edelweiss»

Presentations of nominees of the national award


19.00 – 21.15

Demonstration of  mountaineering films sports:

«“Russian  Face of  K2” 62 min » (Russia, 62) Russian Expedition to the Karakorum

«The championship of veterans of rock-climbing and mountaineering of  USSR» (Russia, 30)

«7 walls, 7 continents. Antarctic, Serua Peak» (Spain, 40) Climbing expedition to Antarctica



MAY, 23 – Saturday


14.00 – 16.00

Demonstration of films of festival:

« Riding Solo To The Top Of The World » (India, 30) Solo motor-expedition

« Living the Extremes – The Explorer Thomas Ulrich between Pack Ice and Family » (Switzerland, 50) Polar expedition

«Red Helmet» (the USA, 6) All kinds of an extreme

16.00 – 19.00



Rewarding  CEREMONY Winners of the FILM FESTIVAL

Demonstration of fragments from film festival winners. Delivery of prizes.


19.00 – 22.00

Demonstration of films of festival:

«A miracle on  Everest» (Australia, 60) Wonderful rescue of  Lincoln Hall

«Last adventure» (Switzerland, 6) Extreme traveller  Ambrodzhio Fogar

«Play Gravity» (Switzerland, 13) Speed-riding

"Ephemeral" (Switzerland, 5) Alternative sports


"Kon-Tiki" (10) Expeditions of Tur Heierdal (Retro)

«In a stream 08» (Austria, 17) BASE, a paraplane

«To Northern Pole and by car» (Russia, 26) Polar expedition on  vehicles

«A gold double of Aruna» (Russia, 24)  Extreme rafting in the Himalayas

«Upwards and downwards with a wind» (France, 10) Snowkiting

«Emergerade» (Switzerland, 12) New kind of adventure sport



On MAY, 24TH – Sunday

13.00 – 14.45

Rewarding of films of an amateur category


The review of competitive films: «Baduk-Bashi and its lakes» (Tuapse); «8848» (Kamchatka); «In search of  Shambhala» (Мoscow); "The Choice" (Prokopevsk); «Gestola. Northern Face» (St.-Petersburg); «Behind Water of life» (Moscow); «Iceland – dream Island» (Moscow); «Test by kindness» (Samara); «The Edge meeting a dawn» (Tver); «Beauty and country Suntar Hayata» (Moscow); «May surprise on a pasture of Abago» (Rostov-on-Don); «Man's R-Romantica. Jeeping» (Kurgan); «On coast of Baikal» (Volgograd); «ON Falling» (Germany); «On waves» (Moscow); "Northern Caucasus" (Krasnodar); «Among snow of Pamir» (Moscow); «The Gorge which has been cut by Kurdzhips» (Krasnodar); «Chronicle of the neoterminated travel» (Moscow); «Shau-hoh - black mountain» (Vladikavkaz).


Show of a film-winner of an amateur category.


Break of 15 minutes


15.00 – 16.00

Demonstration of films of festival:

"Balance" (Canada, 11) Extreme skiing

"Yalta" over Yalta »(Ukraine, 15) Speleology

«Caspian Odyssee  XXI  centuries» (Russia, 12) Part-1. A sailing regatta

«Aconcagua speed-flying» (France, 6) On skis with a parachute

«Eiger speed-riding» (France, 3) Speed-flying

16.00 – 16.30

Ceremony of rewarding of authors of books-nominees

The national award “On the Edge”


16.30 – 20.00

«A point of no-return» (Russia, 12) Tragedy of Russian refters  in China

«Speed - riding in New Zealand» (France, 9)

«150 000 km of impassability» (Russia, 24) Off-road cars

«The Exit Point» the TV program of the channel Sports (Russia, 26)

«On jigs and luresу» (Ukraine, 15) Fantazy

TV program "Kamchatka-extreme" (Russia, 10) Snow summer show

«All ОК?» (Moscow, 4) the Cartoon film about city ecology

«The world of incarnate dream» (Russia, 4)  Musical clip

«Grotesques of the rocky epoch» (Ukraine, 25) Mountains of Crimea

«Travel on Altiplano» (the USA, 30) Travel on South Amerika

«Unknown Antarctica» (Slovakia, 40)  Ascent on the peak of Vinson

«Born to fly» (Italy, 40) History of Angelo D'Arrigo - an education of an eagle and joint flights in the South America


The film festival will be carry on  in the assembly hall of the Russian State university of physical training, sports, youth and tourism. The address: Moscow, Sirenevy Boulevard, 4.

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